General Well-Being and Vitality

InnovAAte General Well-being and VitalityCertain amino acids are lost in the sweat and in much higher concentrations than other amino acids, which means there is a high demand on their replenishment from either the body’s reserves or ingestion.

If you have a long day getting kids ready for school, commuting to work, working, exercising, skipping meals, cleaning the house, getting prepared for the next day, then this amounts to long periods of activity which utilizes energy and body resources.

Often the fast-food, snacks or meals don’t specifically replenish precisely what you need as you need it, and so the catabolic response continues to breakdown body proteins to supply these key components.

If we can minimize the need for protein breakdown in the body, then there is a better opportunity to maintain muscle condition and this can help reduce fatigue and soreness. 

Reducing the amount of protein breakdown, means less work has to be done by the body to replace it. Recovery from the daily exertion should be theoretically quicker and more efficient. 

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