Are InnovAAte Amino Acids For You

The simple answer is yes

InnovAAte's underlying research shows that we are all losing excesses of key amino acids from daily exertion, and even sitting quietly in hot conditions. These losses of high-demand amino acids are exacerbated during fitness training, competitive sport, recreational acitivities and illness recovery.

The body cannot ingest or process foods during exercise periods and will thus switch on the catabolic response to breakdown muscle proteins to supply the amino acids required to support the exercise. In a similar way, if the body needs more resources to fight infections or recovery from injury, then the catabolic response can be used to provide an endogenous supply of amino acid resources.

The scientific rationale behind the InnovAAte products is to replenish those amino acids that are lost in the greatest quantities during exercise and exposures to warmer climate conditions. This strategy was designed to ultimately reduce the demand for the body to operate the catabolic response, and thus potentially help maintain muscle mass and support a more efficient recovery from exercise.

Maintaining a healthy balance of amino acids can be critical for optimising well-being, vitality and performing at your best.

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