Amateur Athletes

InnovAAte for amateur athletes

Small, targeted quantities of high-demand amino acids have a significant impact.

Some of the key targets for amateur athletes are to build fitness and strength as well as achieve an overall improvement of wellbeing and vitality. Sometimes this is associated with trying to reduce weight and develop leaner bodies.

All these activities can cause pain and sometimes discomfort! Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this, but there can be ways to minimise the discomfort and assist in achieving your goals for body shape and weight.

When you are exercising or competing, you cannot eat, and even if you could, the operation of the digestive system is much reduced, as blood is diverted to the muscles to provide oxygen + nutrients and remove carbon dioxide + other waste products. The body activates the “catabolic response” which is a process of breakdown of muscle proteins to provide the amino acids necessary to support the exercise activities.

There is a real opportunity to reduce the endogenous breakdown of muscle proteins during the exercise and recovery periods by replenishing those amino acids that are lost at faster rates. This could be achieved by taking the high-demand amino acids during and/or immediately after the exercise.

Why reduce catabolism? The more the muscles have to breakdown and re-synthesize proteins to support the exercise, the greater the chance of losing muscle mass. There will also be a greater risk of experiencing muscle soreness and damage.

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If the high-demand amino acids are supplied at the critical times during and/or immediately after exercise, then there could also be theoretical benefits in improved recovery times. This is especially important if your sport involves multiple events over the course of a day, or over many days.

The InnovAAte amino acids do not need to be digested and can be directly absorbed for use by the body. They have been batch tested for WADA banned substances by an independent laboratory.